a little about me

Hi there.
my name is Michelle Rose Renee Quigg.

Rose Renee Photos.

i am married to an amazing husband.
we have 2 beautiful children.  

i am a dual citizen (Can. & US)
i love aspects of both countries, and hate aspects of both countries.

i have always loved taking photos.
being in front of the camera?
in fact a lot of the pics my parents have of me as a kid i am not smiling.
put me behind the camera and i love it.

i miss using film, but have come to love digital.

I worked at camp for many summers and always had my camera with me.
i annoyed so many people because i would be taking photos.
i also captured some great memories i was thankful for.
one summer i received the 'CityTV...Everywhere' Award.  
i could be found with my camera capturing everything that happened.

i began to think it was too annoying for people 
and got self-conscious.
i stopped taking so many pictures.

then i had kids.
what great subjects.
my love for photography resurfaced.

i have, currently, only taken an online Basic Photography Course.
but hope to take more when i have the money, 
one day.

i currently have a Canon Rebel T2i - her name is Gertie -
i have 2 lenses for it now.
the one it came with (18-55mm)
and a 55-250mm.
i also have an iPhone 5C - the camera on it is named Chester.
and finally i have an Olympus Stylus 790 SW.

i hope to share my love and growth as a lover of photography on this blog.
i hope you enjoy.

Rose Renee Photos