Sunday, August 28, 2016

Summer Break week 8

this beautiful, misty, rainy day reminds me of Autumn. 
i'm not ready for autumn yet.

we have finished week 8 of our summer break.

We enjoyed a week of :

Face Painting




American Ninja Warrior

snapping turtles

water fun

new sleeping bags

and biking

what another wonderful week.

*all photos taken by me
with Gertie(1,4-12)
& Chester( 2,3,13,14)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Summer Break week 7

week seven.
(yet again I'm posting this when the next week is almost at a close)

the littles were at VBS each morning and the brothers were at Blaze Daycamp.
on Thursday after dropping off the brothers at the bus
*with their sleeping bags and pillows - - it was campout night that night*
we headed to Tim Hortons, but got it at the drive thru.
then we headed to the locks before vbs.
what a beautiful morning.

that afternoon we came home and the kids made cool little dinosaurs.
*dollarama craft for the win*

Thursday night the littles had a sleepover at our place.

friday they headed to their final VBS day.
i headed out with a beautiful lady, my girl's grade one teacher.
we went to The Artful Garden
*i highly recommend it*
then back to the hotdog lunch at VBS.
She invited me and the littles to her place for swimming in her pool.

that evening was the BBQ celebration at Blaze.

what a wonderful week all the kids had.
i am so thankful for the organizers of both Blaze and VBS
i am thankful for the volunteers who made this week challenging, exciting and memorable for the kids at both places.
Friday night dan and i went out.
he had bought me tickets to a concert for my birthday and friday night was the night.

not a whole lot going on.
the kids got to be the first people to drink out of my new mugs

Sunday i volunteered at the church

Discovery Day Camp: Deep Sea Discovery,  Day 1
my boy and i were volunteering and teaching the science activity.
my girl was attending. 

and slip n' slide in the afternoon

Deep Sea Discovery day 2
my boy sporting his Blaze socks

it was a rainy day, and this beautiful rainbow showed up later on.

Deep Sea Discovery Day 3

and then to the docks.
the storm clouds never arrived but we enjoyed watching them

it makes me sad to think that our summer break is almost done, 
but we are going to keep celebrating summer and our time.
i hope you are doing that.
prepare for school but enjoy the present.

for those already in school, 
i hope you enjoyed your summer and take advantage of the beautiful weather in the evenings and weekends.

*all photos taken by me
with Gertie #3, 7-9,11,13
and Chester #1, 2, 4-6, 10,12

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Summer Break week 6

Week 6 is over and gone, and we're actually almost done week 7 as i write this.

Dan's sister and family were here for one more day on Thursday.
my little one with her aunt.
they were puzzle machines that morning.
relaxing morning before going to the rapids.

then for a walk along the Hunters Bay Trail before bed.

Friday was a quiet day at home after our family headed out.
we may have gone to water, but i don't remember and i have no photos.

Saturday though...
Saturday was the day our boy got to do his chosen birthday Activity.
the Aerial Adventure at Sportsland in Bracebridge.

and i brought my girl and her best friend to Santa's Village for the day

Sunday was a quiet day as we anticipated Monday.

Monday was the start of a busy next five days.
my boy headed to Blaze DayCamp (full days)

and my girl went to Vacation Bible School (VBS) - half days
 at a church in the community.
i was also watching her best friend each afternoon.
and staying up to watch the olympics each night.
I love the swimming events!

Blaze and VBS.
in the afternoon we went to the beach.

each morning after dropping the brothers off we headed to Tim Hortons before VBS

 enjoyed some timmies, 
kids to vbs, 
me hanging out with my friend and watching the olympics
and in the afternoon the beach.

long week, 
busy week,
wonderful week.

*Photos taken by the following people:
#1,3-5,9,10,13, by me with Gertie
14 by me with Chester
#2 by Jill E.
#6-8 by Dan Q on his iPhone
#11,12 by Theresa B. on iPhone

Monday, August 8, 2016

Summer Break week 5

Week 5 is done...
i can't believe it.
July ended and August has begun.
*see week 4 here*

we stayed home for the morning as i got the house ready for our guests.
Dan's sister and the family were coming to visit for a week.

we watched some Good Mythical Morning and the kids got inspired.

See the inspirational video below:

Then we went to the boardwalk.

finished getting the house ready
and moved a chair outside that i've been wanting out of my bedroom.
it's currently a reading chair outside until it gets gross.
later that evening our guests arrived.

the kids wanted to show their cousins the boardwalk.
it was unattached so we got creative getting to it.

dan set up a giant swing

and we had a bbq with family and friends.

hiking at Limberlost

and prepping for our camping trip.

the boy turned 9!
it was his birthday and we headed up to a favorite place.
Killarney Provincial Park.

the boy's birthday dinner request

day trip to The Crack.

so hot!
lots of swimming.

i got up and went for a walk with Gertie.

time for a hike.

pack up and head into Killarney for fish and chips.
mmm so yummy
swimming at Georgian Bay
and time to head home.

it was yet another wonderful week of our summer.
so many memories.
so thankful we had family here to enjoy it with us.

*photos 1&2 with Chester, taken by me
rest of photos taken with Gertie.
13 taken by Dan
19 taken by the boy