Tuesday, March 31, 2015

spring in huntsville

i am usually at the school library on tuesdays.  
not today.
so instead i drove the kids to school then took Gertie and we went for a walk.

it's Spring.
the sun is shining.
the birds are chirping.
it's a beautiful day.

oh yeah, did i mention our snow hadn't finished melting and we got more yesterday?

 i walked down to the town docks and saw that beautiful view under the bridge.

those are my footprints on the dock.

i love the clock tower. 

welcome home. i love having the geese back.

 walking beside the water.  so beautiful.

look at all those duck footprints.  
i didn't get to see any ducks this morning, but they will probably be there in the afternoon sun. 

 love this cross atop the Anglican church by the water.  
Good Friday is only a few days away.

look at the sun shining on the water.

it is spring.  
the snow doesn't make it winter again.
the warmth in the sunshine.
the geese.
even the seagulls i heard calling out.

i love spring.
all aspects of it.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

winter walk

the sun was up.
the dog was raring to go.
i got on my snowpants, coat, boots and toque.  
fetched Gertie.
let out the beast.
away we went.
the beast.
what a beautiful day for a walk.
sun was shining.
snow was glittering.
didn't need snowshoes because our trail was packed down enough.
this is not our trail.  i climbed up through waist deep snow to photograph this trail.

the train passing.  a glimpse through our trees.

the view from our lookout
i wanted to capture the woodpecker..or the crows.
maybe even a chickadee.

the one crow that came to say hi left before i could even get my camera to my eye.
the one woodpecker we know of didn't come out to play.
there was one little chickadee but it flew away when the beast and i neared.

relaxing up at the lookout.

oh well.
it was still a gorgeous walk.

look at that beautiful blue sky

gertie loved capturing the beauty surrounding us.
the beast is so fun to photograph in the snow.

i'm so glad i took this hour today.

and check out who was enjoying the sunshine through the window when we got home.
*yes, he's sitting on our table...when the people are away the cat will play*

*all photos taken by me
with Gertie.