Thursday, November 5, 2015

what a November day

Yesterday was beautiful.
it was a spectacular autumn day.
Sunny and 17*C
i was determined to get out and enjoy it with the kids when they got home.

with their bikes in the back of the car
we headed to the nearest trail

i walked, Gertie around my neck, 
and they biked short distances ahead of me, finding ways to play while waiting for me to catch up.

I am so thankful for this beautiful day in November.

Couldn't have asked for a better day..
or after school time with the kidlets.

When my timer let me know we had to turn around 
the sun was beginning to set.

shorter days in November, 
but what a beautiful day it was.

*photos by me 
with Gertie
not edited

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I am mom to these two crazy kids.

i just love them so much.
i wish they could pause at this age right now.

The Lord saw me as the perfect fit for them.
they are so different, 
yet, so much the same.

They love to have fun.
they love to challenge themselves.
they love to laugh,
and laugh loud.
they love mommy and daddy.
they love each other.

some moments i get so mad or frustrated with them.
sometimes they feel the same about me.

that's what family is.
one minute you want to yell, scream and rip your hair out.
you want to lock the person out of the house or your room so you don't have to hear or see them.
the next minute you want that person to be right there with you.
to laugh, hug, cry.
to play with and be silly.
you don't want to be without that person.

they see your worst and your best and love you for it all.

*all photos taken by me, 
with Gertie.
not edited.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Foto

this morning my little one and i were talking about peeing.
boys stand.
we were talking about that.

then she said she doesn't want to be a boy, 
she's glad she's a girl, 
because she wants to born babies one day.
and girls born the babies.

i said you're going to be a great mommy one day.
"i know mommy.
because you are my mommy.
you are a great mommy"

oh my girl.
thank you.

*photo taken by me
with Chester
no editing

Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday Munchkin

happy monday!
what a beautiful autumn day.
the colors are changing, 
the cooler temperatures are here.
and today is a new day.

today i wanted to share with you one of my munchkins.
we took this last week.

i love this girl.
she had me put that flower in her ponytail, and then needed a photo with it in.

have a beauty day.

if you have munchkins you love, 
make sure to get out today and capture a memory of their beauty at whatever age and stage they're at.

*photo taken by me
with Gertie
not edited

Friday, September 11, 2015

Flowery Friday Foto

i decided to give you a whole bouquet today.
happy friday.

*all photos taken by me
with Gertie.
not edited

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Friday Foto

Labor day weekend edition
Friday Foto:

who doesn't love bubbles!

*taken by me
with Gertie
no editing

Friday, August 7, 2015

Furry Friday Fotos

our beasts.

Lord Cliverelli.
he has his minions do his bidding.
he kills them whenever he feels like it.

we are here to care for him and make sure he has the most comfortable life.

He owns all the land he can see. 
no matter where he is standing or sitting.

Jack Jack.
he is a minion.
he loves Lord Cliverelli.

He is here to please Lord Cliverelli and Dan.
if Dan is not in his sights life is not complete.

he lives for head rubs in peoples crotches and for food...any type of food you'll give him.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Foto

my friday foto is from my newest camera family member:

who is Chester? you ask.
Chester is my iphone camera.

He came outside with me the other day to capture my beautiful flowers in the garden.
isn't it pretty.

*photo taken by me
with Chester
no editing

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Friday Foto...but on a saturday!

the last morning at my aunt and uncles was a beautiful misty morning on the lake.

I went down to the dock to enjoy it before we headed home.

this was the lone fisherman.

*photo taken by me
with Gertie
no editing
in Wisconsin, USA

Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Foto

almost 4 yrs old, and 2 years old.
enjoying the beach on a the last day in May.

love my littles.

*photo taken by me.
with Gertie.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Foto

this was from last year.

a chilly, wet, morning
all packed and ready
heading out to the annual dad & kids' canoe trip 

this is one of the kids' favourite events of the year.
they love this time with their dad.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Foto

here's my Foto memory of the day.
we were visiting friends and the kids love their hanging rope chair.  
so much they did fight over who got to sit in it.

this was one sweet moment with my boy.

*photo taken by me
with Gertie
no editing

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Little Mudders

It's been beautiful spring weather this past week.
the kids came home from school one day and got out their Playmobil and Lego boats and people and took them down to the muddy puddle by our driveway.
i watched them play.

since it was to be bath night i decided i wanted some fun photos of that puddle.
i asked them if they wanted to participate in my photos.
with a resounding YES!  
we got ready.
these are the results of enjoying the mud. 

it was cold!  
but so much fun for all of us.
they were quite excited for their baths afterward.

i love these moments.

*all photos taken by me 
with Gertie

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

spring in huntsville

i am usually at the school library on tuesdays.  
not today.
so instead i drove the kids to school then took Gertie and we went for a walk.

it's Spring.
the sun is shining.
the birds are chirping.
it's a beautiful day.

oh yeah, did i mention our snow hadn't finished melting and we got more yesterday?

 i walked down to the town docks and saw that beautiful view under the bridge.

those are my footprints on the dock.

i love the clock tower. 

welcome home. i love having the geese back.

 walking beside the water.  so beautiful.

look at all those duck footprints.  
i didn't get to see any ducks this morning, but they will probably be there in the afternoon sun. 

 love this cross atop the Anglican church by the water.  
Good Friday is only a few days away.

look at the sun shining on the water.

it is spring.  
the snow doesn't make it winter again.
the warmth in the sunshine.
the geese.
even the seagulls i heard calling out.

i love spring.
all aspects of it.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

winter walk

the sun was up.
the dog was raring to go.
i got on my snowpants, coat, boots and toque.  
fetched Gertie.
let out the beast.
away we went.
the beast.
what a beautiful day for a walk.
sun was shining.
snow was glittering.
didn't need snowshoes because our trail was packed down enough.
this is not our trail.  i climbed up through waist deep snow to photograph this trail.

the train passing.  a glimpse through our trees.

the view from our lookout
i wanted to capture the woodpecker..or the crows.
maybe even a chickadee.

the one crow that came to say hi left before i could even get my camera to my eye.
the one woodpecker we know of didn't come out to play.
there was one little chickadee but it flew away when the beast and i neared.

relaxing up at the lookout.

oh well.
it was still a gorgeous walk.

look at that beautiful blue sky

gertie loved capturing the beauty surrounding us.
the beast is so fun to photograph in the snow.

i'm so glad i took this hour today.

and check out who was enjoying the sunshine through the window when we got home.
*yes, he's sitting on our table...when the people are away the cat will play*

*all photos taken by me
with Gertie.