Wednesday, July 31, 2013


day 3 of memories of my boy growing up these past 6 years.
i've enjoyed sharing these pictures, 
hope you have enjoyed watching him grow.

see part 1 here & 2 here

he loves making snowmen in the winter.
he was hiding behind this one (and eating it i think)

hiking up out back hill, and enjoying the view with daddy.
he loves his daddy. 

we did a road trip to North Carolina.
he loved the hot tub out on the deck. 

his space birthday party.  
he was so excited when he saw the LEGO spaceshuttle. 

first day of school for Senior Kindergarten,
less nervous.
looking forward to his sister starting school the following year.

Right before the Terry Fox Run the boy fell and smacked his face.
he wasn't up to riding the bike that day and was quite sad.
he came and sat with his gramma for the event.

annual fall photos

my little lion and her big brother the red Power Ranger.

daddy began to teach him how to snowboard this year.

He lost his first...and second... tooth.

his confidence has grown so much.

this year he actually likes water!

our little swimmer

our creative boy.

thanks you for taking this journey over these past few days.

Tomorrow's the big day.
you have grown up so much over these six years.
love you my boy!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


yesterday i began some memories of the last 6 years with my boy. 
(see HERE)

part 2.

age 2. 
he was a fireman for halloween.
daddy made him a little wooden ladder to carry too

with Great Grandpa & Great Grandma 

with his papa.
his first ever GO Train ride.
he was so excited!

age 3
probably the best halloween costume on a chilly night.
our little mountain climber.

He loves Canoeing. 

he played soccer the summer he was turning 4.
he loved learning to play.

his 4th birthday.
he loves birthdays.

first day of school.

our annual fall photo

and finally...

age 4

more memories tomorrow.

Monday, July 29, 2013

3..2..1.. Birthday!

the boy has a birthday this week.
time for some flashback photos.

Me & him 6 years ago.
he was my 'cashew'.

my boy.  
the cutest baby boy ever born. 

lovin' the leaf pile.

so these are fingers...hmmm.

Can i help with leaves this year? 

19 months... i'm a big brother now!

fell on his face in the driveway..
we chose his halloween costume around his facial wounds.

with his cousin as we prepared for a couple days vacation.


more memories coming tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wedding - (J&C) *part 2*

here's part 2 of the wedding i was in at the beginning of June.
see part 1 here

(a little darker than i initially meant to do, but oh well.)

the mr. & mrs. 

in the car, heading away after the reception.

bridesmaids' gifts.  
thank you Cailagh. 

great memories.

see engagement pics here & here

*all photos taken with my Canon T2i.
edited with Picasa