Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Portraits *part 2*

i'm currently on week 3 of my basic Photography course.
but this is to finish up showing you some of the portraits i did for week 1.

part 1: here

i was still looking for 'beautiful light'.
so while we were in the van and the sun was shining thru the windows i snapped a few.

then we went to the park.  
there was lots of sunshine but we had to play around with positioning and wait for clouds to get any of the soft lighting i needed.
some worked... and some not so much.

again, all unedited.

week 2's assignment next.

*all photos taken with my Canon T2i

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Portraits: part 1

i'm taking a Basic Photography Course.
i'm already loving it and i am just ending the first week.
(first of 4)
why am i loving it?
he (instructor) told me (everyone taking it) to get in close.
that's right.  
don't back away, go in close for the portrait shot.  
don't have distracting backgrounds that take away from the person...
teddy bear...
whatever i photograph.
get comfortable and unafraid of getting in close.

this week's assignment:
take a close-up of someone you love, in beautiful light without a flash.

and done again....
i love this.

my first test subject.
 i posted these on the student gallery and got some good encouragement..

this guy i snapped while watching one of the videos and trying something out.  
he just happened to be sitting beside the computer.

since my girl is home with me she gets to be the main subject..
thankfully she doesn't mind, most days.

she wanted to lie down for a shot - this is one of my favorites so far. 

i told her to look up..she looked even higher than i thought. 

she was following my direction quite well.

when the sun went behind the cloud i snapped this one...
and i had his KONG so he would sit still for me. 

Bear and Lammie.
the kids' best friends. 

She needed to be in the picture with them.  love her wind blown hairs

my boy finally wanted to pose... but the swing kept swinging.

these are all unedited.
i posted them exactly how they looked when i took them.

do you remember when you would capture that amazing picture with your film camera?
no editing and you were still in awe.  
that was my goal with these..or at least some of them.

i'm happy with them.
so far.
more to be posted later.

* all photos taken with my Canon T2i

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Zoo Life

on the weekend we brought the kids to The Metro Toronto Zoo
they had never been to the zoo before.
it was overcast and cool.
it was a great day to be at the zoo.

this guy greets everyone who enters.

our first stop

i think this guy thought he ruled the place.

loved him.

my little girl caught this guy's attention.

lizard lovin'

Jaguars are so regal.

somehow these guys caught my boy's attention away from the jaguars.

show off.

the white lions. 
our young mufasa up there appeared to be posing. 

penguins are just so cool

a special thanks to Canon who gives photo advice on the Zoo website.

*all photos taken with my Canon T2i
edited with Picasa

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Last post i shared how we waded through the street before going into town to check out the flooding.
*see post here*

here's some of the flooding that happened.

lots of water, but from here... not too obvious what has changed.

this next one may explain it all. 

looking toward the town docks... 
they are still there...just covered.

looking across to The Cottage.  patio seating... gone.

parking behind Algonquin Outfitters..
their basement was flooded.
i've seen pictures of people on paddleboards and in kayaks over there.

the road was no more.  i don't know the damage to the store.

picnic anyone?

Dry(?) Cleaning...

my little girl said to me 
"it's like the beach!" 

thankfully the state of emergency was lifted and the waters have gone down..
town looks pretty normal now..
so many people..
affected by it.
the waters may be down but flood relief is still going strong.