Thursday, February 28, 2013

1st Anniversary - (J&F) *location 2*

it's been a couple weeks since i showed location 1
enjoy location 2.

near a golf course in the area there's remains of an old stone building and wall.
they are cared for and a garden maintained.
i love this place.
what a great location for the shoot.

And, of course, i saw his smile and just had to edit this one.

all taken with my Canon T2i
and edited in Picasa

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Winter walk: blue

on the weekend i had a chance to take a walk out back.
just me, the dog and my camera.
what a great walk it was.
i got to play with my camera settings.
my goals:
1. to capture the sparkle of the sun off the snow.
2. to capture the bold shadows.

my christmas gift from my husband.

loved these troopers.  hanging on for dear life.

i took this purely because it was a white and a yellow birch.  i'm a geek.

look at the stars on the snow.

"See ya later."

**these are not edited.** 
(except for adding my name)
 i just feel like showing you what i had originally
taken with my Canon T2i

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

1st Anniversary - (J&F) *location 1*

i took some fun photos for a wedding i was in in June 2011 
(see HERE & HERE
for their first anniversary the couple asked if i could do a photo-shoot with them.
hmmm..let me think on it..uh..yeah!
i was so excited.
i was actually nervous.
my first, ever, photo-shoot.
i wanted the photos to be perfect.

we were going to have fun.
it was a, and such a blast.

we went to a couple locations.
location one: trail & tracks in town
i love the white of the birch tree.

the rings

aren't they cute 

Stay tuned for location 2: the old building

all photos taken with my Canon T2i